Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yummy Fruit

I have another post...I wanted to get in one more before the end of the month. This month marks my one year blog anniversary. I plan on offering blog candy along with the one year celebration over at Tuesday Morning Sketches. I hope to have more posts in July, since my days will be filled with physical therapy, exercising, golf, swimming, and crafting - yeah!!

I made these three little cards as a "thanks for always being so kind to me" gift. At work, one of my colleagues has been the kindest anyone can be to me and we are working next door to each other over the summer and she is a total plant person...I am not, and I had to teach plants for 4 weeks. I thought I would make her these cards to just say thanks. I know she'll love them!

I hope you like them too! I can't wait to hear your comments.


Melissa Craig said...

Where's the box they go in? Your cards are absolutely adorable!! I am so excited for you - your summer plans sound wonderful and completely deserved!!!

Jacki Randolph said...

Hi Theresa, your thank you card are beautiful!!! Sounds like your in for a fun summer hope you enjoy!

Lisa said...

These cards are GORGEOUS! She will so appreciate this gift!

Jessica G. said...

These fruit images are so fun and your coloring of them is beautiful! The chocolate and red color combo is perfect; what's better than fresh strawberries and chocolate?? Wonderful gift idea, Theresa!