Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning Sketches

Okay, so it's not Tuesday!!! In Denver we have had freezing temperatures. I mean freezing. Well, my craft room does not have heat and I can't work in the room. I am about to switch my living room to my craft room since I basically live in my craft room. I haven't been able to go in my craft room because it's like being outside and yesterday's high was 2 below. I woke up to 15 below weather. To make my sad story short - I haven't been able to walk in the room and use the computer. So I brought my camera to work and I am loading my image here (on my lunch time).

This digital image is darling. I am a sucker for penguins. I really enjoyed making this non-traditional colored holiday/winter card. I plan on giving it to my sweetie!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy.


Melissa Craig said...

Who's the sweetie?

Super cute card - I like it's non-traditional colors, too. The red ribbon really pops.

Stay warm - get a space heater.

Lisa said...

Super cute penguins! I LOOOOVE penguins!