Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Oh So Late Monthly Card

I am late with my monthly card swap. It was due to be mailed on the 20th...but probably won't make it to the mail until the 31st. I don't know the name of the image, but the host for the month threw down the challenge of making each card different. I don't know that I'll get that far considering I can't manage one card, let alone 6 different designs. I had spent my Christmas day going through 2 entire blogs, one being Jessie Rone. They were on my list of wishes this year. I just love her style - she makes layering look easy. Well, I found one card that I thought would be a great fit for my monthly swap (click on Jessie's name and you'll see her original).

The host sent 2 images, I'll work on my design for the other one later, and 6 different DPs. I love the DP for the card posted, the other DPs (too me) are not that attractive, so this card I'll keep!! The other DP is fine, this one just happens to be my style.

I hope you enjoy!
p.s. - the dark layer is a very dark blue, the photo looks black!


Melissa Craig said...

Oh so adorable!!

Michele L. said...

Theresa this is so cute.
funny enough i'm going to make an elzybell card today too!