Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Has Come and Gone!

I'll tell you, in the state of Colorado never ever pack your wardrobe because on in day in can be sunny and warm and then all of a sudden snow. That was the picture today. The day began semi-warm, then cold, then snow, then the sun stuck it's head out, and then it began to snow again. I just love Colorado.

I was on a mission today to get one of my swap cards completed today. This was not one that I was to do, but someone flaked and I decided to take on two groups!! Yikes right in the beginning of the school year - what was I thinking?? The image sent was a lot different! I cut out the pumpkin. I guess I didn't get the image (no offense to those who liked it). It was supposed to be a bear, but it looked like a sloth or possibly a monkey. It had wheat stalks and a bushel of apples as well. I just loved the pumpkin so I improvised, cut it out, cut some of the leaves around it and popped those up.

I like it! I think it came out nice. I hope you like it too! Thanks for checking it out!

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Melissa Craig said...

Your improv is pretty! I'm not familiar with the image that you're describing. Your coloring is fabulous and I really like the layout. Gives it a quilted feel. Very nice job!