Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Morning Sketches

Hello Crafters,

Today is a special Tuesday...not just because it's Tuesday Morning Sketches, but I am getting a huge award today. First, we have a fabulous sketch to work with as well as a wonderful sponsor - Meljen's Designs. Back in June I nominated myself for the "Adopt-A-Classroom" Award sponsored by OfficeMax and I won! I will be receiving the award today at 10:00 a.m. mountain time. I am so excited I hope that I'll be able to sleep. I can't wait to share photos. Oh, I get over $1,000 worth of school supplies and resources for my classroom. I am so happy...I don't have to spend the $1,000+ this year. I can buy stamps!!

Well, back to our regularly scheduled program...here is today's sketch.

Now, I was totally intimidated to put this together. I called Melissa and said, "How do I cut a hole in the card?" Well, it's too hard to tell somehow to do that over the phone. So I faked the hole and popped-up the frame to make it look like a hole. I love how this card came out. The image of the cupcakes was just so fun to color and create. I suggest getting this digi...it's awesome.

I decorated this card for today's celebration. I hope you like it!

Oh, one more thing...  tomorrow is my birthday. I can't believe it - I am turning 48. Yikes!

Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome day.


Melissa Craig said...

Oh happy happy day!! Congratulations on your award! I wish I could be there to see you get it. I will be there in spirit.

I love your card Theresa, even if you did fake it! LOL I think it's great, so much fun. That paper is awesome.

Happy birthday, too! I can't believe you actually posted how old you're gonna be. Good for you, no need to hide your age when your inner and outer beauty speaks so much louder than that number.

Jacki Randolph said...

Happy Birthday my friend!!! WOW!! Lots of celebrating going on for you this week!! How wonderful to have won the teacher's award! That is fabulous and exciting. Plus you have your wonderful news of your 3 year mark of Cancer Free!!!
Girl you have a lot of celebrating to do!!

I absolutely love your card, beautiful papers and those cupcakes look just yummy!!

Enjoy your week!!

Darsana said...

CONGRTULATIONS on your big award. How wonderful for you. You work so hard and you deserve every penny of this award as well as the recognition it brings. I am so happy for you.
Great news about your mammogram too. Your Dr.'s office visists will be gearing down and that is great. Mine will be gearing up but culminating in a fabulous event in late April or early May (can you guess what it is???) he he.
Lastly, but certainly not least, Have a very happy birthday. I will be thinking of you on your special day and wishing you the best. I hope it is all you want from it and you look fabulous for your age, I never would have guessed. Lots of love for all your wonderful accomplishments and your special days.

Anita said...

Huge Congrats! Stunning card! Great way to make a hole!

Jessica G. said...

Sweet card! The soft colors remind me of the perfect cupcake icing -- yummy!

Congratulations on the award; it's perfect timing to add to your birthday fun. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Jessica G. said...

Oops, I should say 'have' a wonderful birthday. Enjoy your day tomorrow!!

Tiya-B said...

Congratulations for you and your classroom and happy birthday. I love the cupcake card too..

Karin said...

Hope you have a very happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness -- so much wonderful news in one post! First, your cupcake card is so adorable! That was very creative of you to pop up the frame that way. Congrats on your big award -- my mom is a recently-retired teacher and I can't wait to tell her because I know she will be celebrating with you in spirit. And finally -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that it was a terrific one! :-)